"Silent Night" by
the Layaways

"...this is honestly one of the best versions of 'Silent Night' I have ever heard. The drums and bass lay down a simple backbeat which allows for the main melody to be voiced on the guitar. The guitar tone is gorgeous and helps lend a dreamy feel to the song."
-- Free Christmas Music

"...the throbbing bass line and subliminal lead guitar of 'Silent Night' suggests the end of a long night of egg nog.
-- Hyperbolium

traditional, arranged by Nathan Burleson, David Harrell, and Mike Porter © 2006

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The Layaways' shoegaze version of "Silent Night" first appeared on the band's 2006 free Christmas EP and is also included on the 2009 album "Maybe Next Year."

Nathan Burleson - drums and keyboards
David Harrell - guitar and keyboards
Mike Porter - bass and keyboards

mastered by Carl Saff at Saff Mastering

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